Carey Price press conference 2022

Carey Price has “no plans to move anywhere,” wants to “get back in the uniform soon”

“I just want everybody to know that I’m doing well and I’m looking forward to the future.”

In his first press conference since July 7, Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price didn’t make an announcement, but affirmed that he wants to return to play with the Habs ASAP. Price expressed that he and his family are well settled in Montreal and have no desire to move. Being a goaltender for the Canadiens has been a major part of his identity for over a decade, he said, and there’s a reason why he signed a contract with a no-movement clause: because this is where he wants to stay.

“I want to say I’m doing well. I know it’s been a frustrating time for everybody, it’s been one for me as well. It’s been a long year and I know there’s a lot of frustrations out there but everybody is trying their hardest.

“I’m tremendously grateful for all the support that I’ve received from not only the fans but the Montreal Canadiens themselves, my teammates, and obviously my family.”

Price also expressed that his mental health recovery has gone more smoothly than that of his knee, which is the only thing holding him back from playing. He is “anxious” for developments about the recovery of his knee following surgery in July, which are expected to come to light in the weeks ahead.

“I’m a little anxious about the next couple of weeks. There’s a lot going on that will determine (when I’ll be able to play). It’s going to be interesting to see how my knee responds. I’m hoping for the best. I obviously want this to go well.”

—Carey Price

Habs GM Kent Hughes told La Presse this afternoon that Price wants to play but doesn’t know if it will be possible this season — or ever — due to the slow progress of his knee rehab.

Price was in attendance at the Habs game at the Bell Centre last night and skated at the team’s practice facility in Brossard on Saturday and again this morning, his first practices on the ice since mid-December.

Following last night’s 7–2 loss to the Edmonton Oilers, the Canadiens face the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Bell Centre tonight at 7 p.m.

Carey Price has “no plans to move anywhere,” wants to “get back in the uniform soon”

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