6 Weird And Wacky Ways to Try CBD

The CBD market has grown wildly in the last decade.

Even if you’re not a wellness aficionado, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. The hemp extract was first introduced to the alternative healthcare scene a decade ago and has since taken the industry by storm. Currently, it’s being used by millions of people around the world to address a range of issues, from insomnia to chronic pain. It’s even gained approval from celebrities like Kim K and Jennifer Aniston and athletes like James Haskell.

If you’re curious about trying the extract, there is no shortage of products to try. To keep things interesting, this article outlines 6 totally unconventional ways to try the extract. From toothpaste to toilet paper, keep life fun with these exciting CBD products!

CBD Chewing Gum

Perhaps you heard or even tried some tasty CBD gummies https://alphagreen.io/collections/cbd-gummies.html but how about CBD infused chew gum? CBD chewing gum contains all the trappings of traditional gum, with an additional wellness twist. Typically being sold in flavours like spearmint and peppermint, it’s a discrete and convenient way to sample cannabidiol (CBD). It also may be a particularly appealing option if you’re not akin to the grassy, hempy taste of CBD because the minty flavour masks this aroma extremely well. 

The extract is released into your system as you chew the gum. So the more you chew, the more potential benefits you’re able to feel. Whether you prefer normal chewing gum, strips or bubblegum, you’re bound to find a CBD chewing gum that suits your preference. They even come in 100% biodegradable forms, so you’re able to feel great while minimising your impact on the environment!

CBD Bath Bombs

Another unconventional CBD product is CBD bath bombs. Whether you’re a seasoned bath user or an occasional indulger, CBD bath bombs can be a great way to take your soak to the next level. As the name suggested, CBD bath bombs are baking soda-based back bombs that have been infused with cannabidiol. They can come in limitless scents, shapes and strengths and they’ve even recently made it onto the shelves at Lush!

When CBD bath bombs are added to water, they let off their famous fizz and release CBD and other essential oils into the water. The pleasant aroma is also released into the air and the benefits of the cannabinoids are able to be absorbed into your skin. If you’re looking for a totally relaxing way to try CBD, this method is likely to be for you. However, if it’s high bioavailability you’re after, it might be worth sticking to more traditional alternatives like sprays, oils and tinctures.

CBD Mascara

Just like the alternative healthcare, skincare and food and drink industries, CBD has recently taken the cosmetics market by storm. The herbal extract can currently be found in just about any make-up product available. Its appeal is so big that the cosmetic giant Sephora has even launched a new line of CBD beauty products! Out of all the CBD make-up out there, CBD mascara has to be among the least conventional.

Cannabidiol contains an abundance of nutritious oils that are recognised to increase blood circulation and encourage the growth of hair follicles. It’s no surprise that products like ‘Kush Mascara’ and ‘-‘ are being praised for nurturing and supporting the growth of eyelashes. It should be noted, however, that CBD make-up products can’t deliver the benefits of the compound into the bloodstream. Therefore, if you’re looking to feel the relaxing, remedial properties of the extract, this isn’t likely to be the product for you.

CBD Toothpaste

Similar to CBD chewing gum, this is another unusual consumption method that is going to leave you feeling minty fresh. To put it simply, CBD toothpaste refers to any type of toothpaste that is infused with CBD. While the extracts foray into dental care is relatively new, products like CBD toothpaste have been attracting a buzz as of late. But is it genuinely effective, or just another wellness gimmick?

Well, since the cannabinoid is recognised to eliminate bad bacteria naturally, there’s a good chance that CBD could favour dental health. Also, a number of studies have highlighted CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities. So, CBD-infused dental care products may well be beneficial to those suffering from swelling, redness or more severe inflammatory oral conditions like stomatitis. However, since much is still unknown about CBD’s effect on oral health, the jury’s still out on whether CBD toothpaste will be the next must-have dental product.

CBD Pillows

Moving away from topicals and ingestibles, another wildly unconventional CBD product is CBD pillows. You heard us right—the wellness extract has even managed to work its way into upholstery products. It’s no secret that cannabidiol features a host of sleep-inducing properties, but CBD pillows down in a different way to oils, tinctures and sprays. CBD pillows are infused with micro-capsules of CBD that burst when pressure or friction is applied. This slowly diffuses the extract into the air over time, where it’s able to be inhaled or absorbed by the user. 

Due to this unorthodox method, CBD pillows have received somewhat of a mixed response. While some customers claim this product saved their sleeping pattern, others dismiss it as nothing more than a marketing fad. If you suffer from sleeplessness and have exhausted other options, there’s a chance this product may work for you. However, it is advised to carry out your own research before investing in this product.

CBD Toilet Paper

Admittedly saving our best—or wackiest—till last, the last product we’re going to discuss is CBD toilet paper. In an attempt to bring the natural benefits of CBD to our neither religions, a British company has infused the bathroom staple with a healthy dose of the plant-based extract. With each individual sheet boasting 5mg of CBD, this product claims to use the very latest proprietary manufacturing technology to maximise absorption with every wipe. 

While this may be an impressive first for the CBD industry, we advise each customer to take this product with a degree of scepticism. However, if you truly give a crap about CBD, nothing is stopping you from giving this unique product a go!

The CBD market has grown wildly in the last decade. As the hemp extract gains more recognition, more wild and wonderful products continue to pop out of the woodwork. We hope this small guide has opened your eyes to the bizarre world of cannabinoid products, and whether you decide to test out any of these methods or not, we wish you all the best on your wellness journey.