7 Healthy Sex Habits to Build

Hormonal changes, moods, diets, and even stress can also alter our relationship with our bodies and sex.

Do you and your partner often find it difficult to match each other’s libidos or find yourself on different pages when it comes to sex? Here are 10 healthy sex habits to build in your day-to-day routine so that you and your partner are fully satisfied and left wanting more each time you have sex. 

It’s true, sex is deeply enmeshed in other parts of our lives. Hormonal changes, moods, diets, and even stress can also alter our relationship with our bodies and sex. Whether we choose to indulge in the pursuit of sexual pleasure or not, it is essential that you give your body the love and care it deserves! Sex can sometimes be part of that attention and care – like kids, adults, too, need playtime, and what better way to unwind and find pleasure than to give in to the temptation of sexual desire with your partner and all your favorite sex toys?

1. Broaden your Horizons

This may not be news, but take our word for it! Many people out there never experiment with different positions, roles, and exciting new things in their sexual journeys. Unfortunately, this does not allow them to blossom fully into their sexual potential. Don’t be afraid to venture into completely new territories like role-playing, BDSM, sex toys, and new positions to allow yourself to feel excited about sex again. It doesn’t have to be a routine that is endlessly performed the same way – you and your partner can spice things up by allowing yourselves enough space to explore your sexual desires and kinks. 

Sex isn’t just about penetration. In fact, penetration is rarely too pleasurable for both parties involved, so broaden your horizons and incorporate light caresses, gentle kisses, tapping, and incorporating touches in the body’s erogenous zones to excite your senses and take pleasure to the next level.

2. Be Open to Learning New Things

We’ve already said this, but we’ll say it again – new experiences are what make sex fun! Fooling around with your partner, trying new things in terms of sexual activity, spending time together, and doing new and creative things together can help you solidify your bond and take it to the next level with your partner. Go for a walk, hike up a small hill or mountain, plan picnics together, and find new ways to be intimate outside of sex! Give your partner more control by relinquishing it in sexual scenarios, and let that add layers of excitement to your sex life.

3. Communicate

We can’t stress this enough – communication is the one sure-shot way of knowing what’s inside your partner’s head and letting them know what’s inside yours! Let’s face it, none of us here are capable of reading minds, and it can get quite frustrating to have to guess each and every move that your partner plans and to plan accordingly. 

Communicating will solve that problem for you right away! If you find it difficult to make time and sit with your partner to talk about things in your day and life, we recommend setting up weekly relationship meetings with your partner to check in regularly about how they’re feeling. 

Sometimes things can get busy and overwhelming, and having a schedule to follow – including being able to talk to your partner without being rushed – can be wonderful as a framework to function within. This way, both of you will be updated on each other’s states of mind and be able to cater to each other’s needs more openly and honestly, which allows both of you comfort and devotion. This will not only enhance your sex lives and allow you to match libidos, but it will also help you be on the same page with your partner.

4. Add some Spice to your Diet 

This might sound like a joke, and while it has the potential to be, we’re not kidding when we say diet really impacts your libido. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can help you feel more in tune with your body and release feel-good hormones in your brain that allow you to feel sexual desire and increase your libido. 

While there is an endless list of aphrodisiacs globally, and the availability might vary according to your geographical location, some commonly found ones include dark chocolate, strawberries, oysters, and mollusks, asparagus, ginger, and garlic. You’d be surprised how many of these everyday ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now! 

So, what are you waiting for? Cook a lovely meal with your partner and find ways to weave in these aphrodisiacs into your meals, and let the flavors take you on a journey. 

5. Work Out

Moving your body in comfortable and familiar ways that push your boundaries of flexibility will help you greatly improve your sex life. Working out not only helps you feel more in touch with your body, but it also releases endorphins which are “feel good” hormones and can elevate your mood and make you feel much happier right after a good workout. 

Make some space and time in your schedule to either work out with your partner, or do it on your own, to feel more energized, relaxed, and in touch with your own body.

6. Incorporate Tools and Toys

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but being open to incorporating tools and toys into your sex life can change it dramatically. Not only do tools exist out there to make you feel more comfortable and prepared, like a good bottle of lube, the market also now hosts a variety of sex toys you can browse through and pick from. Find the right fit for you; whether it’s a dual vibrator with multiple speed settings or anal beads, there is no shame in exploring your body and kinks and delving into the world of indulgence at our disposal now. Feel free to browse websites that offer you a wide array of sex toys and consult with your partner if you intend on using them together. Don’t be afraid to go solo on this, too; there’s no such thing as too much pleasure! 

7. Spend time on your Own 

While this sounds odd, it is important to remember that being by yourself, finding peace and comfort in solitude is really important to be in a fulfilling relationship and have a great sex life. Spend time by yourself and let yourself explore what you’re really into – give new hobbies a shot, and find out what you like and what you don’t That is usually a good place to start navigating your relationship with your body and self, and then allow your partner into that world with you so that you are able to make the most of your relationship! 

Part of this can be masturbation – and there’s no denying the fact that masturbation can help you get in touch with your body as no one else can. This way, you will be more prepared to offer guidance to your partner during your sexual encounters and will be able to give feedback, too. All of this is an effort to make sex more pleasurable for both of you.