Rapid tests test testing Quebecers unvaccinated

The majority of unvaccinated Canadians are against rapid testing

It’s one thing to choose to remain unvaccinated. But to oppose rapid testing, which can have a direct impact on controlling the spread of COVID-19, is a whole other level of selfishness.

According to a new study on the Omicron variant by the Angus Reid Institute, 78% of unvaccinated Canadians report being less worried about the new variant than they were about Delta, or not concerned at all. When asked whether the government should be encouraging rapid testing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, 71% of vaccinated Canadians agreed, while 61% of unvaccinated Canadians disagreed.

Just 30% of unvaccinated Canadians approve of rapid testing.

Overall, 27% of Canadians are more worried about the Omicron variant than they were about Delta, while 43% feel about the same.

For the complete results and methodology of the study, please visit the Angus Reid Institute website.

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