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Hydro-Québec just signed a $20-billion deal with New York State

“This is huge news for the environment.”

UPDATED DEC. 1: On Tuesday Hydro-Québec signed a $20-billion deal to supply electricity to New York State for 25 years. When the arrangement between Hydro and New York State Public Service Commission was first announced on Sept. 20, Quebec Premier François Legault said that the deal, which was in the works for three years, is part of “making Quebec the green battery of northeastern America.”

Legault also highlighted the work of Hydro-Québec CEO Sophie Brochu and Quebec delegate in New York Catherine Loubier, stating that the announcement is “huge news for the environment” as renewable energy will replace fossil fuels.

“The State of New York has chosen Quebec. I feel enormous pride. This is a big step forward for Quebec, but also for our planet. It is an important contribution from Quebec to reduce GHGs. The fight against climate change knows no borders.”

—François Legault

Hydro-Québec just signed a $20-billion deal to supply electricity to New York State for 25 years.

The deal involves the delivery of 10.4 terawatt-hours of electricity from Quebec to New York for 25 years, and requires the construction of a new 57.7-kilometre power line connecting to the Champlain Hudson Power Express line, linking La Prairie, Quebec to New York City. The new portion of the power line will be built in part under Lake Champlain by Hydro-Québec and Transmission Developer, a subsidiary of the Blackstone group.

Part of the electricity delivered from Quebec to New York comes from the Apuiat wind project, in which the Innu community is a shareholder. Hydro-Québec has also partnered with the Mohawks of Kahnawake, who will be co-owners of the Quebec portion of the new transmission line.

According to Hydro, construction is due to begin in the spring of 2023.

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