Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante homelessness

Valérie Plante will double Montreal’s annual homelessness budget from $3M to $6M

The new plan also includes setting up 24/7 shelters, one of which will be culturally appropriate for Indigenous people.

Yesterday Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced her intention to double the city’s homelessness budget from $3-million to $6-million. The plan also includes adding 300 housing units per year for homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless, and supporting the health network and community groups in setting up 24/7 emergency shelter sites, one of which will be culturally appropriate for Indigenous people.

“We are currently going through a humanitarian crisis, while in Montreal, people are living in a situation of great human distress. Homelessness is not a new phenomenon, we must now take further action to help our most vulnerable.

“Several factors explain this complex situation. The deinstitutionalization of mental health care, the pandemic, which has weakened people already in a precarious situation.”

Plante also noted that the Projet Montréal plan to address homelessness includes putting an end to seasonal logic and “piecemeal solutions” and to develop a consistent, long-term plan.

“As the cold weather approaches, we know we will be successful this year in ensuring that people experiencing homelessness find shelter and services for the winter. But that’s not enough. It is high time to have a structural plan that will meet the needs of vulnerable people, but also community groups that do exceptional work, but need more predictability and support from all levels of government.”

—Valérie Plante

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante will double the city’s annual homelessness budget from $3M to $6M

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