Introduction to Safe Play Gambling

Gambling, if done safely, does not have to be the big vice that society makes it out to be.

Safe gambling, you say. Each word seems a juxtaposition of the other to those not in the know, as the word safe and gambling do not naturally occur in the same sentence. Or do they?

They certainly do! Gambling, if done safely, does not have to be the big vice that society makes it out to be, even if many exponents of the art continue to do so in a way that is unsafe, so to speak. This article is for gamblers, would-be gamblers, and those simply curious as to how gambling can in any way be safe. 

The Canadian Gambling Situation

Online casino gambling is gaining popularity among thousands of youths in Canada. While the rewards are obvious, their risks are often underemphasized in social circles, with many failing to comprehend the inherent risk involved. With gambling laws in Canada being quite liberal compared to that of other nations, it is no surprise that the online casino gaming industry is booming.

The truth is that there is no alternative or favorable, comprehensive provision for the players in the almost inevitable event that things take an unfortunate turn (not minding the frequency at which such happens). Seeing as there are no clear regulations guiding betting and gambling activities for online casinos,  it becomes even more imperative that the players themselves have a clear understanding of the precepts of safe play gambling.

Casino Recommendations in Canada

There are several online casinos in Canada, each offering a different set of payment methods and bonuses. Any gambler requires good knowledge of casinos, especially the online ones, seeing just how popular they have become in modern times. Canada Casinos is a fantastic website that provides excellent guides vital to every Canadian gambler. It has great recommendations, including comprehensive listings borne of extensive research into the Canadian gambling industry, with key information on casino reviews, online gambling tips, genuine bonus offers, and lots more.

Casino Gaming- Risks

Casino games are also referred to as online social casino games. They involve a variety of free-to-play games, with several of them being available on the likes of Facebook. These games function as gambling simulations and closely resemble the real thing. A good example of these games is the popular Golden City Casino.

Although these free-to-play games are fun, they come with inherent risks.

1. Age restrictions: As these games are free-to-play, they often come with little or no age restrictions. Even the ones with the semblance of such restrictions have no way to verify the age of their users, which can be a danger to young minds yet unsullied by painful knowledge of the dangers of unsafe gambling.

2. Simulation: These online games often offer higher rewards than actual casinos, thus encouraging gullible youth to stake more (real money) as a result, with the possibility of huge, often damning losses looming over such users. In addition, even if these users manage to win on occasion, the result is a false sense of invincibility, which is often the precursor to huge losses. This can have a negative psychological effect on such youth.

Useful Tips to Safe Play Gambling

Safe play gambling means precisely what the phrase literally infers: gambling in a safe way that is mindful of pitfalls and difficulties inherent to gambling. The rest of this article is devoted to providing useful tips that are of great benefit. Read on and find out!

Alcohol and Drugs

It is not very clever to gamble when under the influence of substances like alcohol and marijuana. Such substances have been scientifically proven to impair judgment. Falsely-inspired confidence can result in a player staking huge sums well over reasonable odds, which almost always leads to an equivalent loss. Gambling is a game of chance and should be done with a clear head and mind.

Risk of losing funds

If you’re a regular gambler, the chances are that you have lost a lot of money. The logic is that if you get better at it, you will end up with more winnings than losses.  While this is true, it is not advisable to gamble simply for the sake of it. Because as earlier stated, it is a matter of chance (proficiency and experience notwithstanding).

Essential funds vs. Gambling funds

You should NEVER gamble with money meant for essentials such as feeding and rent. Stock up on food, pay your debts and ensure that your necessities are adequately catered to before you think of gambling. After sorting all that out, you can use the remainder to indulge in gambling. THAT is safe gambling.

Winning logic

DO NOT play simply because you want to win back lost funds. If you do so, chances are high indeed that you will lose even more.

Budget your gambling

It has been stated earlier that you should not gamble with funds meant for essentials. Further to this, it is ideal to have an actual budget for gambling activities. Come up with a reasonable budget that adheres to the limits of your pocket and STICK TO IT.


Safe play in gambling cannot be overemphasized. If you gamble physically as opposed to virtually, you can leave your debit and credit cards far away from there, preferably at home. If you make use of online gambling and betting platforms, you will do well to exercise mental control over your urges.