Yves-François Blanchet Sugar Sammy

Sugar Sammy trolls Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet

Blanchet said that people who’ve made money off calling Quebec racist will be “held accountable.”

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet launched his campaign in Montreal yesterday ahead of next month’s election, and one of his remarks was of particular interest to local comic Sugar Sammy. Blanchet said that anyone who’s made money off of calling Quebec or Quebecers racist will be held accountable. Sugar Sammy, who’s often made light of the province’s racist tendencies, posted the clip, wondering, “Which one of my jokes do you think he’s talking about?”

Sugar Sammy trolls Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet

Though it’s not entirely clear who or what Blanchet is talking about out of context, he appears to be playing a victim card that is fairly popular in some quarters in Quebec: the Québécois people are being unfairly made out to be racist, largely by “les wokes.”

Blanchet’s stance on the existence of systemic racism in Quebec is the same as that of Premier François Legault — though there are racist individuals in the province, they say, it’s not a systemic problem. They have both also implied that recognizing the existence of systemic racism in the province would be the same as calling the Québécois people racist.

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