The current gaming scene in Canada

More and more Canadians have started a gaming over the past year.

Many young adults consider themselves decent gamers. It is no surprise to get into a household and realize that there is either one or more gaming systems. There are families that game together, and there are families with one or two gamers. All in all, Canada has noted an increase in the number of gamers over the past year. The reasons behind this could be the fact that most people are staying at home due to the pandemic

Initially, many people in the lockdown intentionally tried to keep away from gaming, but after a while, most of them were playing. The number of new gamers has also significantly increased as time in lockdown progressed. Here are some of the facts about the gaming industry in Canada at the moment and how gamers have been affected.

Reasons Canadians are gaming 

Being stuck in lockdown gave so many people free time. The online meetings were not as long, and everyone got some time to themselves. After a while, there was only so much one person could do to keep themselves busy. Here are some of the reasons why Canadians chose to start playing during the pandemic:

● It is a great pastime activity: gaming is a great way to pass the time. Many children and parents alike find themselves with too much time in their hands with so little to do. Gaming is a great distraction since playing it would mean time gets to move faster without many of the people involved noticing it. It also helped parents keep their children busy whenever they had online meetings that needed a lot of concentration.

● Great bonding activity: many parents tried to look for ways to bond with their children during this lockdown. It was the first time many of them were spending all day with their children. After a while, the puzzles and board games become monotonous and that this where gaming would come in. the different levels ensure that everyone in the family stays engaged throughout the whole game.

● Amazing bonuses: for the adults, playing on sites came with the advantage of standing a chance to win amazing prices. These games were a great welcome, especially for adults who felt like there was nothing exciting to do in the house. Most gaming sites will offer bonuses and freespins for every time you come back to play and this meant more people wanted to try it out.

● Offers a connection: the lockdown meant that many people could not go and meet with their friends. It got so lonely for most people, but gaming helped deal with that. There are games that people play with their friends online, and it makes them feel like they are together even though they are separated by distance.

The gaming world was a great welcome for people who found themselves indoors for days on end without knowing how the entire condition was going to pan out. For the reason above, it is no surprise that many more people started playing. 

Games Canadians play

In the past, online games were limited to racing and fighting games. In recent years, however, this has significantly changed. There are so many games one can play online, either competitively or for fun. Here are some of the games that many Canadians have been playing for the past year:

  •  Puzzle and word games
  •  Sports games
  • Racing and fight 
  • Social games
  • Action and adventure
  • Card and online casinos 

How online gaming has changed the online space

With all these people playing, there have been significant changes to the online community. Gaming companies have realized that they have an opportunity to earn money while keeping people busy and have therefore introduced more features to their games. Here are some of the changes that have happened to the online space due to gaming:

1. More online games have been created

Since there are so many people playing online, game developers have come up with a variety of more games to ensure that everyone stays engaged. There have new categories of games created and even new levels to the old games. All this was done to ensure everyone keeps coming back to play.

2. Games are more compatible with multiple devices

Initially, one could only play a certain game on one device. The past year has meant that people spend their time playing these games a lot and might want to play them even if they are on the move. Gaming developers have come up with games that can be played on different platforms. Doing so ensures that the gamer keeps playing their game even when they switch devices

3. Introduction of in-game purchases

In the past, most of the games people played were free with a couple of ads to earn the company’s revenue. Recently there was an introduction of in-game purchases to ensure that the company earns even more from their game. Playing the game is still free, but the additional features that many people need come at a price. If one really wants to keep playing without an issue, they will buy the features. It leads to the developers earning more money.

4. More games are going online

Initially, one had to download an app or get software in order for them to play any of the games available. While downloading the software might not have cost much, the software and gaming equipment did. Most people were discouraged from gaming because of this. Currently, developers have come up with games that can be played strictly online without needing one to download it or get the software. Doing this has encouraged more people to join the gaming community. Internet is easily available, which means that the players will not spend much just to play a single game. It is one of the reasons more people have actually started playing. 

The gaming world is revolutionizing how we interact with games and our friends as well. With the current world situation, chances are there will be more lockdowns in the future. The only way to ensure that you do not go insane with all the waiting for normalcy is to stay busy. Online gaming can be one of the ways you do this. All you need is to choose the game you like and get some friends to play with you.