Bill Murray and Billy Crystal were considered to voice Buzz Lightyear

Jim Carrey and Chevy Chase were also in the running.

It is hard to imagine anyone other than Tim Allen voicing Buzz Lightyear. Yet in the early casting stages of Toy Story, a number of other actors were considered for the role of the Space Ranger.

Bill Murray was Pixar’s original first pick for the voice of Buzz Lightyear. Once he turned it down, Billy Crystal was scouted. Test footage with Crystal exists, showing a very different version of the character:

Billy Crystal’s take on Buzz Lightyear makes the action figure sound absolutely neurotic.

Both Chevy Chase and Jim Carrey were also in the running for the vocal role. This is one of the only times in history where Tim Allen was the better man. His gruff, militant delivery was perfect for the action figure.

“It’s the only regret I have in the business of something I passed on,” Billy Crystal expressed in 2001. Things worked out for the comedian, who ended up working with Pixar later on Monsters Inc.

“It’s hilarious, but I don’t think I was right for that. Tim [Allen] is a beautiful guy with a resonant voice. Mike [Wazowski] is a better fit for me.”

Bill Murray, on the other hand, voiced…Garfield (by mistake).

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