Sugar Sammy rips on Parti Québécois appeal for Quebec flag emoji

Flag-waving 2.0.

Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy has responded to the Parti Québécois’s request for a Quebec flag emoji on smartphones and Facebook. PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon made the announcement Wednesday morning, stating that the “small gesture” would give Quebecers the “right to express our pride.”

Sugar Sammy’s response includes a How It Started and How It’s Going side-by-side, with Parti Québécois Réné Lévesque on the left and Plamondon’s Quebec emoji tweet on the right, insinuating that the Quebec nationalist movement has seen better days.

Sugar Sammy rips on the Parti Québécois appeal for Quebec flag emoji

The shot of Réné Levesque is from the PQ’s first victory in 1976. The landslide win paved the way for the first Quebec sovereignty referendum in 1980.

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