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66% of Quebec adults have received or booked their first dose

Public health is counting on Quebec’s young adults to bring the province up to 75%.

Quebec has vaccinated more of its population with at least one dose than any other province in Canada, and the province has just reached another vaccination milestone. Two-thirds (66%) of the adult population in the Quebec have now received their first dose, or have already made their vaccine appointment. This corresponds to 55% of the total population, which Health Monister Christian Dubé says is “encouraging.”

Christian Dubé went on to say that public health is counting on the younger population to get vaccinated at rates as high rates as the older population in order to reach the target of 75%.

66% of the adult pop in Quebec has received 1st dose or has an appt.

Currrently, Quebec has vaccinated 51.9% of its eligible population and 43.2% of its total population. Nationally, Canada has vaccinated 48.2% of its eligible population and 40.1% of its total population.

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