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Quebec has vaccinated more of its population than any province in Canada

We’re #1 at shots.

Quebec is leading the country as the province in Canada that has vaccinated the highest percentage of its population against COVID-19.

To date, Quebec has administered 3,781,451 vaccine doses, covering 42% of the population — or 50.5% of the eligible population (excluding people under 16 years of age). Of the total administered vaccines, approximately 95% are first doses, which are said to provide a reasonably high level of protection against the virus. Quebec has administered 91.8% of its received doses.

Elsewhere in Canada, Ontario has received the highest number of vaccine doses — over 7 million — and has vaccinated 47.5% of its eligible population. The province with the lowest percent of its population vaccinated is Prince Edward Island, where 36.7% of the eligible population has received at least their first dose, and 77.9% of the vaccine supply has been used.

The numbers are significantly higher for the territories, which have smaller, often more vulnerable populations that have been prioritized for vaccination by the federal government. Currently, 39.5% of the population of Canada (and 47.5% of the eligible population) has been vaccinated against COVID-19 with at least a first dose.

Quebec has vaccinated more of its population than any province in Canada

For the latest national vaccination statistics in Canada, please click here. For more about the COVID-19 vaccine operation in Quebec, please visit the Santé Québec website.

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