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Masks no longer mandatory outdoors for Quebec couples who don’t live together

Premier Legault discussed the government’s tweaks to outdoor mask rules this morning.

Quebec Premier François Legault held a press conference this morning about the province’s changes to rules about wearing masks outdoors. As of last Thursday, masks have been mandatory across Quebec for people from different households who are gathered outdoors, including couples who don’t live together.

As announced by Legault on Facebook yesterday (see the post below), the government has specifically changed its mind on the issue couples who live apart, and who are technically allowed to bubble (maskless) indoors — they now don’t have to wear masks when they are together outdoors.

“In a situation where you are sure to always stay more than two metres away, such as tennis or golf, or sitting in a park, it is not necessary to wear the mask.

“It is also understandable that a couple who do not live at the same address, but who have an intimate relationship, do not have to wear a mask, as is the case with an individual who has joined a family bubble. Same thing when two people walk together, but at a good distance.

“Obviously, as they have been doing from the start, the police will exercise their judgment before sanctioning offenders. I am therefore counting on Quebecers to be careful while using their common sense.

“The new British variant is more contagious, which increases risk, even outdoors. So let’s be more careful than ever. Why take a chance to infect a friend or loved one or to be infected yourself? If you have any doubts, wear your mask.”

Au cours des derniers jours, plusieurs personnes sont revenues sur l’obligation du port du masque à l’extérieur….

Posted by François Legault on Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Masks no longer mandatory outdoors for Quebec couples who don’t live together

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