NASA Mars rover perseverance

This is Mars. Now what?

Will we learn how to prevent a climate-change apocalypse?

NASA has just released a photo from Mars after the Perseverance Rover landed safely following a seven-month voyage. The black and white photo was shared via NASA’s official Twitter page for the Mars Rover, with the caption, “Hello, world. My first look at my forever home.”

The Perseverance landed in a crater called Jezero near the equator of Mars, which NASA scientists believe could have been home to a lake billions of years ago. The Perseverance will spend the next two years drilling and examining rocks, in order to see if there is any sign that life could have existed on the planet.

Below you can see a video from the mission control room in California at the moment of touchdown.

The Perseverance Rover was projected to cost $2.2-billion (U.S.) to develop — which is actually cheaper than NASA’s previous Mars rover Curiosity, parts of which were used to make Perseverance, saving approximately $100-million according to NASA Deputy Chief Engineer Keith Comeaux. The total budget for the NASA Mars mission is estimated at $2.8-billion.

A rover from China is expected to land on Mars in May, and a third rover was also sent by the United Arab Emirates during the July 2020 Mars launch window.

Check out the short video below of the Mars landscape taken from the Perseverance, with actual audio.

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