Derek Sloan

Conservative MP Derek Sloan may get kicked out of CPC for neo-Nazi connection

The former party leadership hopeful accepted a donation from a neo-Nazi.

After the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) confirmed the Press Progress report about Conservative MP (and former party leadership hopeful) Derek Sloan accepting a $131 donation from white supremacist/neo-Nazi Paul Fromm, CPC leader Erin O’Toole responded by triggering the process to kick Sloan out of the party.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the situation in his press conference today:

“Political parties need to remain vigilant, particularly in the wake of what we’ve seen in the United States, from the infiltration or the active presence of fringe or extremist or violent or unacceptable or intolerant elements. That’s something that we constantly need to work towards as all politicians in Canada, which is incidentally why the Liberal party has been calling for Erin O’Toole to remove Derek Sloan from caucus for many, many months now, following a number of unacceptable comments that he has made. We are pleased that Erin O’Toole has finally decided to take leadership and we’ll see how that unfolds.”

According to a CTV News report, the process of ejecting Sloan from caucus is underway, with the submission of a letter to the caucus chair (signed by 24 Conservative MPs) to review Sloan’s membership. A vote by secret ballot will take place later today or Wednesday.

As Trudeau said, there has been pressure to remove Sloan for some time. According to a CTV report, he has a history of far-right comments, including “remarks pertaining to the country’s chief public health officer; suggesting that being LGBTQ was not a matter of science; comparing a ban on therapy designed to force a person to change their gender or sexual identity to child abuse; and sponsoring a petition that questioned the science behind vaccines.” ■

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