How to Relocate From Canada and Get a Top Writing Career in the USA

As a writer, you have enormous opportunities in the US if you follow the right entry and work procedure.

Each year, many Canadians migrate to the US in search of better opportunities like employment and business. As a writer, you have enormous opportunities in the US if you follow the right entry and work procedure. 

Before moving to the US as a writer, there are documents you must apply for to enable you to live and work there. You can move to the US using an employment visa, work permit, or a green card. Once you get settled, start building your writing career in different ways. 

Capitalize on the high population

The US has a current population of 330 million people who consume information daily. The channels of information come through different media like radio, TV, social media, papers, and blogs, just to mention a few. 

All these different channels look for writers to write or gather the information that can be disseminated to the populations. As a beginner writer, it can be difficult to choose which channel to write for, but you can begin with the easy one according to your skills and experience and advance to higher niches as you gain experience. 

To help you gain business fast, make sure you learn the general tips on how to write a good CV so that you can create one and use it to market yourself in the US.

Become a top writer at a writing platform

Every journey begins with a single step. To start your career as a writer, you need to move one step at a time. At the beginning of your writing career, you can become a freelance worker at UpWork or Fiverr or get work as an essay writer from EduBirdie. 

It’s important for young writers because you can start with easy work first and get a good experience that you can add to your resume. A career as an essay writer is very promising as students from all over the world need writing assistance for their essays and other academic work.

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Write for the political field

The political field in the United States is vibrant as the nation is enjoying a mature democracy. Apart from the congress, the government has many authorities that run its departments in the different states and their towns, which means a lot of political news on a daily basis.

People want to know daily about the happenings in their government and you can choose to write for the political field and grow your career to a top writer with some popular magazine or news website.

Write for journals

As a beginner writer from Canada, you can tap for opportunities in the various journals like science journals, medical and historical journals, business journals, academic, and engineering journals. Some of the journals are run by the government and others are run by private institutions.

The systems in the US are friendly as long as you stay within the limits of the law and you can begin pitching in the various journals after studying them to understand what they do and their guidelines for submissions. The journals are a lucrative niche that can help you grow your writing career to the top. 

Write for other writers

Economically, the US ranks top with above 20 trillion dollars while Canada ranks 10th with 1.8 trillion. That means there is more money circulating in the US as compared to Canada. One of the outcomes of this is the establishment of thousands of individual writers who are never short of writing assignments. 

It might be hard to establish yourself as an individual writer within the competition. To overcome this, you can find and join some of the individual writers and begin writing for them. As people get to know you, they can start offering you writing assignments and soon, you grow to become a top writer. 

Start a blog

There are thousands of bloggers in the US as compared to Canada. Using the right tools, you can grow as a blogger to become the top leader in the blogging industry. The US market is an information consuming market and the thirst for information never ceases with time. 

Begin writing in your blog even as you write for other writers or agencies and you will become established over time. 


If we compare the Canadian economy and the US economy, the difference is more than ten times. Whenever the economy of a nation is growing well, opportunities continue to rise every day. This is the case in the US and if you are relocating from Canada to the US as a writer, you can tap into these opportunities and prosper. The US political field is friendly for business and movement.