Australian IT Service Provider Expands Its Business to Canada

This global expansion should happen by the end of 2022

The Green Light Worldwide company is going to expand its network and cybersecurity services into Canada. So, placing bets in the free online casino Canada will soon become even faster. This Australian company has already become a global IT service provider. So, this expansion is the right step to continue its growth and get demanded overseas.

What Is The Green Light Worldwide Company?

Green Light Worldwide is an international IT service provider founded in Australia in 2007. This company has offices in lots of countries, including New Zealand and Singapore. The main services this provider offers to the clients are:

  • Networks
  • Application development
  • Analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Digital security

To provide these services, developers use modern technologies. What’s more, the Green Light Worldwide company is constantly improving them. They make these services more secure and faster. So, clients can rely on it and be sure that they get both high-quality services and low prices.

These services are trusted not only by customers but also by professionals. In November 2020, Green Light Worldwide received an award at the Vocus National Virtual Channel Conference. What’s more, it became one of the fastest-growing Australian companies a year ago.

Today, the company cooperates with a huge number of international partners. It works with Cisco, DELL, Honeywell and other IT corporations known all over the globe. These partners believe in Green Light Worldwide. It aims to deliver high-level technologies to all customers. The company itself is ethical and cares about all businesses and individuals it cooperates with.

The Expansion to Canada

Soon this corporation is going to provide its services to the Canadians. This global expansion should happen by the end of 2022.

The Green Light representatives didn’t say much about this expansion. Yet, they mentioned that they’re going to open in Montreal. The company said that they made such a decision to continue their growth up to 2022. So, they will be able to provide their IT services not only in Asia but also in America.

Gary Hinksman, a chief executive of the company, noticed that they had managed to increase their impact in Australia in the last 6 years. So, they opened their offices in Canberra, Perth and other main Australian cities. Today, they provide their services to individual customers and organizations. Thus, the company believes that the expansion to Canada will also help Green Light Worldwide improve the quality of its IT services.

The company decided to start operating in America. It is the continuation of their overseas growth strategy. The model of operation of this IT service provider is global. The fact that they have been operating in Asia for many years proves it. 

All in all, this expansion will surely improve both the Canadian IT services and the Green Light Worldwide company itself. Furthermore, this corporation is ready to continue growing and opening new offices in other cities and countries. The main thing is that this international expansion goes well and brings positive results to both parties.