Bijoux Never Apart

Elle Barbara

Never Apart’s Bijoux exhibition celebrates trans femme performance

Enter the world of cabarets and drag venues in Montreal, New York, Paris and London from the 1960s to today.

Mile Ex art space Never Apart proudly presents Bijoux, an exhibition that celebrates “the creativity and unabashed self expression of trans femme performance in nightclubs, cabarets and drag venues” in Montreal, New York, Paris and London. The virtual exhibition features archival video, portrait photography, costumes, music and more, from the 1960s to today. The artists featured in Bijoux are Montreal’s own Elle Barbara, New Yorker Jordan King and Quebecer Kim Wood, with contributions from Annie Sprinkle, Candis Cayne and others.

The Bijoux exhibition at Never Apart celebrates trans femme performance

For more details about the Bijoux exhibition, which runs through Dec. 19, and to enter the virtual viewing room, please visit the Never Apart website.

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