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TODAY: Montreal protest for recognition of Armenian conflict

Armenian Canadians, over half of whom live in Montreal, fear a second genocide.

The Armenian community in Montreal has been rallying downtown and by car to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh (aka the Republic of Artsakh), which is controlled and primarily populated by ethnic Armenians. Hundreds of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries have reportedly joined the Azerbaijani side since the fighting began in late September, prompting fears of a second Armenian genocide.

This Thursday, Oct. 15 (5 p.m.), the Armenian National Committee of Québec and other local Armenian groups will mount a protest in front of city hall (275 Notre-Dame E.) to urge Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante to comment on the conflict, and to get the media to cover it.

This petition urges the federal government to act:

  1. Take a stand for democracy in Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh (Artsakh)
  2. Condemn the aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh
  3. Request Turkey to remove itself from the conflict zone
  4. Stop all arms sales to Turkey to ensure Canada takes no part in the killings of innocent civilians
  5. Strongly denounce crimes against the Armenians.

Apraham Niziblian of the Armenian National Committee of Québec had this to say about the role of municipal, provincial and federal governments in the conflict:

“Local and regional governments in Quebec and Canada have a major role to play on the international scene. It is imperative that Canada joins the world — France Greece, Russia and other countries — in condemning both Turkey and Azerbaijan for this unprovoked war in time of a global pandemic. This protest is calling on Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante and Montreal City Hall to recognize the independence of Artsakh, a haven for democracy in that region. Canada’s voice is of utmost importance for bringing back peace to the region. From the way Azerbaijan and Turkey are carrying out their genocidal attempt at annihilating Armenians, native to this land for over 3000 years, the only solution is the Independence of Artsakh. Like many other cities and states have already done, it is time that Montreal, Québec and Canada recognize the Republic of Artsakh.”

—Apraham Niziblian, Armenian National Committee of Québec chaperon

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