Moretti liquor licence revoked

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Liquor licence revoked at Montreal restaurant for disregarding health measures

Defence argues that police and the liquor control board overstepped their powers.

La Presse reported this morning that the liquor licence at Montreal restaurant Pizzeria Moretti was revoked in late August due to an alleged general disregard for public health measures, as reported to the police by clientele. The “morality squad” of the SPVM received testimonies that employees at the Griffintown restaurant did not wear their masks inside the establishment, the space was overly crowded, the tables were too close together, patrons did not respect social distancing rules and that “several employees who had contracted Coronavirus still had to go to work.”

Counsel for Moretti Sebastien Sénéchal argued that the police exceeded its powers and that the liquor control board had no jurisdiction to implement punitive measures and that the concerns should have been addressed instead by the CNESST.

Moretti’s liquor licence was revoked on Aug. 24 and, as it stands, will remain suspended until Oct. 8. ■

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