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Project Power

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Jordan Peele’s new HBO show, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a superpower-pill movie, Jason Sudeikis as a clueless sports coach, Wim Wenders classics & more!

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New on Netflix

It’s sort of a strange coincidence that the newest “big” Netflix production is also an ersatz superhero movie. After Gina Prince-Bythewood’s The Old Guard last month, Netflix unveils Project Power (Aug. 14), a superhero drama from the directors of Catfish and Nerve. Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback star as a team of strangers who team up to track down the creators of a dangerous drug that gives users superpowers for five minutes. Early reviews are fairly unenthusiastic, with most praising Fishback’s (The Deuce) performance.

Amanda Peet and Christian Slater star in the confusingly titled Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (Aug. 14) which, as it turns out, has nothing to do with the first season of Dirty John. Since that miniseries has come to a logical conclusion, the show has now turned into an anthology series, with season 2 focusing on “couple killer” Betty Broderick, who murdered her ex-husband and his lover in 1999. Also dropping today is the first season of teen dramedy Teenage Bounty Hunters (the title is pretty self-explanatory) and the animated film Fearless.

new on Netflix
What to Expect When You’re Expecting (new on Netflix)

Season 5 of the Danish dramedy Rita drops on Aug. 15 alongside season two of the Richard Armitage-starring crime show Stranger. Later this week you can stream the Indonesian comedy Crazy Awesome Teachers (Aug. 16), a reality show about the family of the bassist for country band Rascal Flatts (?!) titled DeMarcus Family Rules (Aug. 19) and the extraterrestrial-adjacent documentary John Was Trying to Contact Aliens (Aug. 20). From the catalogue comes Searching (Aug. 14), the innovative “desktop thriller” starring John Cho; the Montreal-shot Snow White film Mirror Mirror (Aug. 15) starring Julia Roberts and What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Aug. 20), the stacked 2012 rom-com based on the bestselling book.

New on Amazon Prime Video

new on Netflix
World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji (new on Amazon Prime Video)

There’s not too much going up on Amazon Prime; their only announced title this week is a reality show titled World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji, a Bear Grylls-hosted, Mark Burnett-produced reality show which first came into being in the late ’90s on MTV. It’s a sort of combination Amazing Race and Survivor that predates both of these shows.

New on Crave

new on Crave
Lovecraft Country (new on Crave)

A good number of the projects Jordan Peele announced on the backend of the success of Get Out are finally seeing the light of day, including Lovecraft Country, which premieres on Crave / HBO on Aug. 16. Jurnee Smollett (Birds of Prey) and Jonathan Majors (Da 5 Bloods) star as friends navigating the Jim Crow South in the 1950s, beset by both white supremacy and monsters out of a Lovecraft novel. Early reviews are positive, praising the performances and the way in which the show can both explore the problematic racist ideals behind Lovecraft’s work and the unparalleled horror of his vision.

Also dropping on Crave this week is season 12 of Tosh.0, a new stand-up special from Anthony Jeselnik, the French cop drama Les misérables and Seberg, a biopic of actress and activist Jean Seberg starring Kristen Stewart. 

New on Apple TV Plus

new on Apple TV Plus
Ted Lasson (new on Apple TV Plus)

Jason Sudeikis is the titular character in Ted Lasso, a dramedy series about a small-time football coach who is hired to coach a soccer team in England — despite knowing nothing about the sport. Sudeikis originated the character in a series of promo spots for NBC Sports, which is already sort of a red flag considering the best case scenario for that type of origin story is Ernest. Reactions have been mildly positive, however, and nearly everyone agrees that Ted Lasso is at the very least better than the show based on the Geico cavemen from the mid 2000s.

New on Criterion Channel

new on Netflix
Bacurau (new on Criterion Channel)

Criterion offers up a partial retrospective of Wim Wenders’ work; understandable, considering the span of his career and the mess of rights that’s probably involved. The 11-film retrospective spans from 1974’s Alice in the Cities to his groundbreaking 2011 documentary on Pina Bausch, Pina. It’s followed the next day by a retrospective of the work of documentarian Les Blank. Mainly working in short-form (there are only two features as part of the retro: the Leon Russell film A Poem Is a Naked Person and Burden of Dreams, the landmark documentary on the making of Fitzcarraldo), Blank devoted the majority of his career to films centred around music – particularly capturing musicians in certain maligned genres such as cajun or polka. On Aug. 20 you can catch the streaming premiere of curious sci-fi thriller Bacurau by Brazilian directors Juliano Dornelles and Kleber Mendonça Filho as well as three films from film noir expressionist Robert Siodmak.

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