RJD2 The Fun Ones

REVIEW: RJD2, The Fun Ones

“This shit just makes me look forward to getting back to a dancefloor.”

RJD2, The Fun Ones (RJ’s Electrical Connections)

“Even people on a small scale might not have the popularity to become an icon, but the DNA is the same,” says, presumably, Homeboy Sandman on the intro to his guest cut on this new excursion from a veteran underdog in the DJ/production game. RJD2 never goes away but never quite makes the noise he did in the early aughts, and this despite the integrity and consistency of his output. The truth is, fans know what to expect from his signature modulations and hit-it-and-quit drum attacks. If we sometimes forget that RJ’s catalogue at this point easily outshines the likes of heavyweight contemporaries like DJ Shadow, it’s not so much because he’s taken for granted as that he’s taken for good, reliably dropping the latest leg of his ongoing dance party on us every couple of years and reminding us that the party only swings if you’re there, too. If overlong, rap guests like STS and Aceyalone help break this down to a four-act show that picks back up whenever it risks a lull in continuity. Honestly, this shit just makes me look forward to getting back to a dancefloor. For now, these jams on The Fun Ones are what we’ve got. 7.5/10 Trial Track: “20 Grand Palace”

“20 Grand Palace” from The Fun Ones by RJD2

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