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Trudeau announces contract with Montreal’s Galenvs; $500M research grants

“Canadians are innovative and creative, and that is something we will always support.”

In this morning’s press briefing, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a partnership between the federal government and Montreal company Galenvs, which produces silica micro beads that can be used for COVID-19 testing. Trudeau also pledged $500-million for researchers in Canada (working on COVID-19 among other things), to be made available through a research grants program.

“We are also working very hard to ensure that hospitals and frontline workers have the equipment and material that they require,” Justin Trudeau said. “Our government has signed an agreement with the Montreal company Galenvs to produce silica micro beads that are essential for testing. Health Canada also certified ventilators that are produced by two Canadian groups: CAE and the Consortium of Ventilators for Canadians.

“Researchers across the country make incredible discoveries every day, from rapid advances to understanding COVID-19 over the last few months, to years-long studies on climate change and cancer treatments,” Trudeau added. “It’s in everyone’s interest that they continue doing their vital work. So today we are announcing almost $500-million in funding through NSERC’s Discovery Grants Program in Canada. This money will support thousands of Canadian researchers and their groundbreaking work, whether they’re studying viruses, developing AI or making strides in chemical engineering. Canadians are innovative and creative, and that is something we will always support.”

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