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Return your bottles and cans in Quebec on June 8, June 22 in Montreal

We can finally get rid of all those empties.

RECYC-Québec announced yesterday that bottles and cans that have been piling up in people’s homes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic can finally be returned in Quebec on June 8, and on June 22 in Montreal.

Quebecers will be able to return their consigned bottles and cans for recycling to dépannneurs, grocery stores and directly to brewers, who are being mandated to accept the empties (and provide the consignment refund) by the Quebec recycling agency.

According to a Canadian Press report, some Quebec brewers have been forced to slow down production due to the lack of bottles coming in from consumers, which beer companies rely upon to deliver their product.

RECYC-Québec website.

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