P'tit Belliveau

REVIEW: Greatest Hits Vol.1 by P’tit Belliveau

Funky banjo-fuelled bluegrass and disco-driven country in French, a little English and whole lotta backwoods Chiac.

P’tit Belliveau, Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Bonsound)

P’tit Belliveau — a real “bon jack” type hailing from Baie-Ste-Marie, NS — can sing about black bears, boats in the bay or blowing his income tax return on booze and Taco Bell all the while bringing the funk with banjo-fuelled bluegrass and disco-driven country. Don’t confuse this with plain ol’ rigodon, either. When not experimenting with synths amid the playful down-home ditties here, Belliveau favours a more traditional take on the classic Americana genres he clearly adores. Singing in French, a little English and whole lotta backwoods Chiac, he sings and plays with a combination of childlike wonder, introspective easygoingness and fuck-it-let’s-get-hammered rebellion, which is probably the most endearing thread throughout this official 10-title LP debut. 8/10 Trial Track: “Income Tax”

To hear more from Greatest Hits Vol. 1 by P’tit Belliveau, go to his Bandcamp page.

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