Steve-O: Age against the machine

An interview with the Jackass star ahead of the Montreal stop on his Bucket List Tour.

Montreal’s iconic MTelus concert venue has housed some remarkable events in its 32-year history. Formerly known as Metropolis, the performing arts centre has hosted legends like Prince and David Bowie, along with early Montreal shows by acts like Lady Gaga and the White Stripes.

Among the most famous/infamous shows to go down at the venue was Stephen “Steve-O” Glover’s “Don’t Try This at Home Tour” in 2004. Following the Jackass star’s set, attendees took to Ste-Catherine to riot.

Fifteen years later, Steve-O is back in Montreal for more mayhem with the Bucket List Tour. Although sober since 2009, Glover promises to keep the insanity levels as high as they ever were. The show will feature stories from across the years along with accompanying videos of stunts and gags. Among his favourites? Steve-O skydiving naked, masturbating and ejaculating mid-air as he was pushed out of the plane.

If you’re a male who was between the ages of 8 and 25 during the 2000s, there is a good chance Steve-O influenced some big laughs and bad decisions. Take a deep dive into the mind of the maniac:

On a nomadic childhood, which included living in Canada at age 12:

My mom is born in Canada. She went to high school in Barrie, Ontario with Tom Green’s mom, but my mom’s a way bigger slut! I grew up moving around all over. I was born in England and my dad was born in America. [I have] three passports, I just got my Canadian passport renewed, which I’m really excited about because, frankly, my Canadian passport is my most valued possession. 

To be able to go to Canada when America ultimately implodes is something I will be very grateful to be able to do. The only reason I’m glad I don’t live in Canada  already is because I would be so obese with those ketchup flavoured red potato chips!

On his Bucket List Tour:

[The content] is absurd Jackass ideas that I had forever that I didn’t think I was actually ever going to do. But then I determined that if I’m going to do them, I should hurry up because I’m in my 40s. I’ve got to hurry up before it gets creepy to watch me do that shit. So I just started knocking out these crazy ideas.

They’re so over-the-top that it really lends itself to stand-up comedy, specifically storytelling about the ideas and how they came about. One of the things that’s so fun is that after each bit, I actually screen [the stunts]. Very much multimedia and highly explicit.

On stunts vs. stand-up:

I think it’s safe to say what drives me is attention-seeking. I consider myself a world-class attention whore, that’s just my deal. My entire life, my mission statement has been to not be boring. That’s been my experience in life, to show people things they’ve never seen before that are legitimately entertaining. I’m seriously proud of that. Whether it’s being on stage during stand-up or doing a stunt, I love it all. 

I’ve spent the past nine years consistently touring as a stand-up comedian. To be welcomed to the Just for Laughs festival, which is by far the most prestigious stand-up comedy festival in the world, it’s so emotional for me. All the work that I put into this, I honestly just feel like I could cry. I’m so grateful to be a part of this.

On sobriety:

When I got sober, I really felt as if I had so much to prove. I wanted to demonstrate that I was still crazy, that I still had it in me. I think all of that pressure was just coming from myself, I don’t think anyone ever doubted my craziness.

The things that we (addicts) do to stay sober, they apply to everybody no matter who you are. There’s only one book, there’s no special edition for special people. Some people view having fame as an obstacle, but others see it as an asset. It’s much like fitness. As someone who’s got wealth or fame, going into the gym, those things don’t bring any advantages when you pick up those weights. It’s about how much work you put in.

On a potential Jackass 20th anniversary reunion:

You probably noticed that we all got together and posted a picture of us at dinner. That was us discussing how we might approach a 20-year celebration. It’s not determined what we would do, but I think it’s safe to expect that there will be some way that we’ll acknowledge that. I love that question, thank you.

On the meaning of life:

I’d say we’re all eyes in the same head, man. The meaning of life is to provide the universe with a valuable experience. ■

Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour hits l’Olympia (1004 Ste-Catherine E.) on July 24, $47.29$56.75. Meet and Greet packages are also available.