Photo by Camille Gladu-Drouin

WATCH: The new video by Montreal synth-pop trio Paupière

“Twisted Mind” is the new “dark dance hymn” by the local band, with Black Mirror-esque visuals to match.

Montreal synthpop trio Paupière is back with a second single from a forthcoming EP, coming out on Lisbon Lux Records in the fall. Following the release of “Howard Carter” March, the band reveals “Twisted Mind,” described as “a darker dance hymn” with a music video to match.

Directed by Ariel Poupart, the video features Paupière’s Pier-Luc playing lab rat to his bandmates Julia and Eliane, who are experimenting on him to test the impact of a direct feed from modern technology and the stress caused by the constant anticipation of a response.

Watch the video here: