Cafés We Love: Santropol

Self-described as “Montreal’s original café,” this Plateau staple has been serving up hearty, healthy food and coffee since 1976.

The first time you go through the door you’re immediately hit with a multi-sensory experience.

I love photography, so my first reaction was to take photos. As I walked around I was impressed with the unfolding of different rooms leading me to the outdoor terrasse.

The terrasse is beautifully laid out for intimate seating for one or for couples, with larger spaces for groups or families. If you’re a corporate group this outdoor setting will turn what otherwise might be a stuffy meeting into an experience you cannot create in the office setting. Although the cold weather is upon us, you will be kept warm by the heaters and outdoor blankets. This is a highlight corporate or groups should consider and book your place before the terrasse closes.

Inside there are several connecting rooms and nooks set up to accommodate individuals or groups who want to gather for lunch and dinner.

Food is what has brought many people to Santropol over its 41 years. The number one staple is their signature sandwiches, but there are offerings for everyone’s tastes. The menu continues evolve; some of the sandwiches, soups and salads have been served years, but I was told that various items and ingredients have been replaced to reflect trends that you see and read about online. This keeps the menu dynamic and current.

I was overwhelmed by the experience of the people, place and menu. Am I going to come back and feel the same way I did today? Yes! And the reason is because I would want to try pretty much everything on the menu. And secondly (but equally importantly) because Café Santropol is a place that’s unique among the city’s cafés and restaurant establishments — the food and coffee, design and decor will consistently offer a wonderful experience for customers. 

Cafe Santropol
3990 St-Urbain