REVIEW: Common Holly’s “Playing House”

Montreal folk-rocker Brigitte Naggar showcases songwriting excellence on her debut.

common-holly-playing-houseCommon Holly, Playing House (Solitaire)

On her debut, Montreal folk-rocker Brigitte Naggar showcases a songwriting knack over sonic brilliance. The album feels almost episodic as Naggar’s intimate vocal delivery is surrounded by hints of math-rock riffage, string quartet landscaping and blues rock pastiche. Lyrically, Naggar battles with herself in trying to completely let go of a manipulative ex. Early cuts remain simply textured, but as the self-hate becomes harder to fight, the layering becomes all-encompassing. Rare is it that a songwriter is able to craft a debut chock full of solid tunes, but Naggar’s done that and more with impeccable album flow and vivid detailing.


Trial Track: “The Rose”