Fall in Montreal—5 Things to Look Forward to


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Montreal is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to things to do. While there are few sights better than watching the maple leaves turn brown in Fall, we’ve managed to come up with five alternatives. Living somewhere, you often don’t take advantage of the locations you have on your doorstep that people spend money to come and see. So here are five things to do in Montreal in the Fall to really take advantage of the changing weather.

5. Markets, Markets, Markets

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the market trade has died out. Montreal is known for the vast array of locally grown and sourced produce available at its markets, some of the largest outdoor ones in the world. The perfect place to take advantage of the upcoming harvest and try something new.

4. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The cold days are drawing in and it can be difficult to find something to do that doesn’t send a chill down your spine. Many natives of Montreal don’t realise the majesty and grandeur they have on their doorstep with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, featuring exhibits that feature the magnificence of both Canadian art and global exhibitions. So why not immerse yourself in the culture that Montreal has to offer and spend a quiet afternoon drinking in the art.

3. WPT Montreal

If you fancy raising the stakes a little bit, why not take part in the World Poker Tour in November. For only $3,850 you have the chance to experience the highs and lows of a poker tournament in beautifully snowy Montreal. Like a scene straight out of James Bond, fur coats and cigars will be at the ready to experience a World Poker Tour. If you’re not feeling confident enough with your poker yet, there’s still time to practice several variants online, such as Omaha, 7 Card Stud or the fast-fold SNAP format available at 888poker. There is also the possibility to play at Pokercam tables: thanks to the webcams you can both watch your opponents and yourself as you play to practice your poker face and conceal your telltale signs—probably the most crucial skill for a novice poker player attempting to make it big.


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2. The Gardens of Light

The cold nights bring with it a sense of wonder and excitement—both of which are augmented by the annual Gardens of Light Festival. The Festival involves a releasing of Chinese lanterns into the sky. Coupled with traditional Chinese music, the atmosphere is as relaxing as the Chinese Festival it is in honour of. The 15th day of the first month of the start of the Chinese lunisolar calendar is usually when the traditional releasing occurs, which falls in Montreal’s Fall.

1. Mount Royal

Opened in 1876 by Frederick Law Olmsted—the man who designed New York City’s Central Park—the park is the perfect place to watch the leaves change. While the stinging temperatures may put some people off, wrapping up warmly and taking in the nature and wildlife of the park is the perfect way to really feel autumnal.

Montreal is a wonderful place—whether in the Fall or all year round. There are a multitude of things to do for everyone, and the best way to find out is to go and explore and unearth the hidden treasures the beautiful city has to offer.

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