REVIEW: Alaclair Ensemble’s “Les Frères Cueilleurs”

The local hip hop sextet is back with their fourth album.

alaclair-ensemble-coverAlaclair Ensemble, Les Frères Cueilleurs (7ieme Ciel)

Quebec/Montreal rodeo patnais Alaclair Ensemble return to the forefront of creative hip hop in the era of “post-rigodon” with their most focused effort to date. The sextet of producers and MCs exhibit restraint when it comes to trap drums and bass warbles, opting instead to bring in a jazzier, smoother soulful hip hop vibe without compromising their core ability to transcend as six creative individuals travelling one path toward the outcome. In other words, it’s nothing brand, brand new, but given the group’s longevity and output thus far, it is a sidestep in a direction interesting enough for AE not only to sustain, but create their finest work to date. 8.5/10 Trial Track: “Alaclair High” Album launch at Club Soda on Sept. 16