PHOTOS: Moving Day and the damage done

Apartments and houses around the city turned inside out on July 1, leaving the streets filled with trash / free stuff.


Moving Day. Photo by Cindy Lopez

July 1 was Quebec’s traditional Moving Day (known as Canada Day in the ROC), and as usual it has left a disastrous eruption of apartment-dwellers’ junk all over the streets — there’s likely a pile of trash being picked over within a block’s radius of wherever you’re reading this, right now. (Get over there! Just don’t touch any bedding or upholstered furniture — in case you need to be told.)

This year we documented Moving Day’s aftermath and some scenes of moves in action in Rosemont, Mile End, the Plateau and Parc Ex. According to primary photographer Cindy Lopez, “The trend this year is destroyed sofas, stained mattresses and the fact that garbage day isn’t until Wednesday.”


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