New Year’s Eve etiquette

Party expert DL Jones point out the many pitfalls of NYE, and how to sidestep them.

DL JonesAnother year, another New Year’s Eve. And with it comes the freedom and/or burden of choice (depending on how one chooses to see it) as to what to do to celebrate another lap around the calendar.

How you choose to see it is important, because most people you ask about New Year’s Eve either a) have their outfits figured out two months in advance and talk about it like it was the beginning of the next chapter of their lives or b) react to any NYE invitation like they were just offered a dose of ebola. Group A usually includes people who don’t get out much and really NEED this a little more than they should.

Group B, on the other hand, is usually comprised of self-proclaimed party vets who talk about some past New Year’s Eve parties like they’re actual war veterans and having to go out was nothing short of Vietnam. Most group B members were once part of group A but unrealistic expectations have led them to now view the celebration with a sense of betrayal.

I’ve always found this phenomenon odd since a day of the month of the year can’t technically owe you anything given the fact that it’s, well, just a date. The faster you realize that it’s just not that big of a deal, the more likely you are to actually have a good time, wherever you end up going. While we’re at it, here are some other things you can do to improve your evening: try not to get so wasted before midnight that you still think it’s 2014 when you wake up the next day. That would be unfortunate. Not like ‘mother naming her newborn child Jayden’-levels of unfortunate, but still.

Also, verify that the friends you step out with are on the same page as you. No one really wants to party with the person who not only has to wake up early the next morning, but also feels the need to remind everyone within a 20-foot radius after every shot taken. The opposite also being true that anyone who was just planning on having a few drinks somewhere a bit more tame probably shouldn’t drag a friend who has every intention of raving to grave. Nothing wrong with catching up the next day if plans truly differ.

Speaking of making plans, make sure to hit up this issue’s list of NYE events to make yours. I’ll be hosting the Omisoka event if you care to join. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, and Happy New Year! ■


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