Listen to Arcade Fire’s film score

The Oscar-nominated score for Spike Jonze’s film Her, composed by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler and Owen Pallett, is here.

Arcade Fire 2013
Arcade Fire
Among this year’s Oscar-nominated Montrealers (see the full list here) are Arcade Fire’s Will Butler and Owen Pallett, who composed¬† the score for Spike Jonze’s latest film, Her. The score was performed by Arcade Fire. Below is the track listing, and the score itself. Look and listen:
1. Sleepwalker
2. Milk & Honey
3. Loneliness #3 (Night Talking)
4. Divorce Papers
5. Morning Talk/Supersymmetry
6. Some Other Place
7. Song On The Beach
8. Loneliness #4 (Other People’s Letters)
9. Owl
10. Photograph
11. Milk & Honey (Alan Watts & 641)
12. We’re All Leaving
13. Dimensions

“her” Score by Arcade Fire from colinjburke on 8tracks Radio.

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