$50K of art stolen from Station 16

Thieves broke into Station 16 over the weekend and made off with a wealth of street art, including large paintings by ZekOne, Labrona, WhatisAdam, Antoine Tavaglione and Scaner.

Two stolen WhatisAdam paintings
The staff of Station 16, the street art print shop and gallery that’s quickly established itself as art party central on the lower Main since opening in July, came in Monday to find themselves victims of an art heist — and a big one at that. The gallery’s artistic director Adam Vieira announced the theft on the gallery’s blog, posting a selection of the missing works and reaching out for help to stop the stolen art’s resale.

The thieves made off with over $50,000 in paintings and prints and chose what they took selectively, walking out with three canvases by Antoine Tavaglione and WhatisAdam, as well as paintings by Labrona, Scaner, Kevin Ledo and Zek One. ■

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