Opening in theatres today

Including destroyed parliament buildings, flowers growing in lungs, and directionless 20-somethings, here are today’s local theatre releases.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

So very excited for Paul Feig’s return to directing with The Heat. An uptight FBI special agent (Sandra Bullock) is partnered with a eccentric Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy) — hijinks ensue. I would love for this film to be as incredible as Bridesmaids, but that is a very tall order.

Continuing with the release of summertime action flicks is British thriller Redemption (originally titled Hummingbird). Steven Knight, who wrote Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things, directs the tale of an ex-special forces soldier (Jason Statham) hiding from the law in the London crime underworld.

Just in time for Independence Day, is Roland Emmerich’s White House Down (read our Made in MTL article + review here.) This is an over-the-top action film starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx wielding all the weapons, being all kinds of badass.

If action isn’t your thing, I would highly recommend Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha (read our review here.) Greta Gerwig stars as Frances, a late-20-something lacking direction and motivation, fueled by faulty dreams. If you like HBO’s Girls, this one will not disappoint.

Michel Gondry returns to form with Mood Indigo (L’écume des jours) (read our review here.) It tells the story of Colin (Romain Duris) and Chloé (Audrey Tautou) falling in love and getting married. On their honeymoon, Chloé becomes ill with a flower growing in her lung, and everything starts to fall apart.

And finally, two documentaries of note are Caroline Bacle’s Lost Rivers, which explores the many rivers that our cities have buried underneath brick and concrete, as well as the people who seek them.

And Jamie Kastner’s The Secret Disco Revolution which asks the question “Where did disco come from?” and explores the culture and music. The film includes a ton of celebrities from the era. ■

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