The corruption continues in Laval

Can a former detective put an end to corruption in Laval? Will the Civic Action League ensure an honest municipal election this fall? It’s news round-up time.

Laval: A corrupt city if ever we saw one. Photo via Flickr

Is there anyone capable of cleaning up the post-Vaillancourt mess in Laval? Well, this guy, Marc Demers, a former detective, thinks he’s the white knight for the job. He even tried to investigate Vaillancourt, but, in a case of life imitating The Wire, was stifled by police interference. And, per at least one apparently legitimate source, he’s “the kind of guy you want to sit down and have a beer with.” So there’s that.

Speaking of corruption, another group, the Civic Action League (named for former mayor Jean Drapeau’s first party) totally wants to do something about it, too — like make the candidates in this November’s mayoral election answer a questionnaire. Sounds, um, tough.

Well, here’s something you would have never guessed: the boil-water advisory of a couple of weeks back — which, amazingly, no one called Brown Watergate — was caused by an “unpredictable and simultaneous chain of unfortunate events” and not, you know, professional error, Mayor Michael Applebaum said. Naturally, though, the compensation claims have begun to materialize.

Not even Radio-Canada’s union is thrilled about this week’s announcement to rebrand the station ICI. Most notable is the fact that the name change will cost the corporation — which is facing budget cuts and layoffs — around $400,000. Nice timing.

Canada created 95,000 jobs last month, the best it’s done in over a decade. So now you dudes and all your friends should totally be employed and raking in the big bucks.

As always, the future of Mount Royal is a contentious issue, so, of course, a summit will happen today to discuss subjects like real-estate strategy; partnerships between government, citizens’ groups and various stakeholders; and, of course, jurisdiction. That’s all well and good, but what about what you, the Cult MTL reader, identified as another use for the mountain: public sex? Pick up our Best of MTL issue today to see what we learned about that. And sorry for the shameless plug. ■

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