On the Walls: the week in art

Your weekly guide to what’s happening in local art shows, vernissages and performances, including the Beaux Dégats art battle and the next Data:Salon.

“Scalp,” by Pierre-Yves Girard.

The Radical Queer Semaine teams up with the Collectif Rebelles Montreal to bring us the Feminist Art evening. This vernissage will bring light to feminist and queer issues while inviting participants to get creative in a safe space. Though plenty of paper, pencils, wool and other material will be available on hand, there’s no stopping you from bringing your own material to further enhance and inspire your creative process. March 26, Espace Social Anarchiste (1407 Valois), 7 p.m.

This Wednesday, the eighth installment of Beaux Dégats (translation: Fine Mess) gets underway. Six teams of artists have under three hours to duke it out and produce some art. And while Fresh Paint Gallery prepares to open its new space, the Beaux Dégats will be held at Foufounes Electriques, hosted by Cult MTL‘s Darcy Macdonald. Read up on competitors Garbage Beauty, then trek over to Foufs and fill up on Pabst Blue Ribbon. March 27, Foufounes Électriques (87 Ste-Catherine W.). Art battle from 7-11 p.m, show with Masta Ace and Stricklin, Wordsworth and guests from 11 p.m-1:30 a.m., $10 before 9 p.m., $15 after

From, ‘Everything held together (pour l’instant),’ by Karilee Fuglem.

Artist Karilee Fuglem recreates her studio at Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain for Everything Held Together (pour l’instant). The replication is understood as a means of inviting viewers into the artist’s process, but it’s also an intimate exploration of what the artist observes. Take, for example, the relationship between materials used and what their utility ultimately stands for in the greater contextual meaning. Vernissage March 27, Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain (Belgo Building, 372 Ste-Catherine W., #216),  6 p.m.

The third installment of the Data: Salon series, Data:Salon III takes place on Wednesday, bringing together works and groups of artists interested in multidisciplinary and sound art. The first, titled “Solo,” is a is a three-part performance piece by Ensemble Allogène, a look at how the individual exists in a given dwelling. There is also “16/11/11 – 27/03/13,” presented by Benjamin J. Allard and Maximilien Bianchi, a look at how three different sound technologies have coexisted and continue to, those being the telephone, radio and tape player. The evening also offers a screening of Andrés Salas’ film Soundwalk, about Hildegard Westerkamp’s sound recording in Vancouver, plus a playback-oriented performances, first a piece by Alvin Lucier, followed by Émilie Girard-Charest’s looped cello. March 27 at Eastern Bloc (7240 Clark), 7 p.m.

There is a sale happening at B-312 this week, the Bénéfice pour l’art; all of the proceeds benefit the gallery and promote the continuation of the art that the space produces. To do things a little differently, the first hour of the sale will function as a silent auction. March 28, Galerie B-312 (Belgo Building, 372 Ste-Catherine W., #403), 5 p.m.

Le Palabre des Lames at Galerie D’Este displays a series of works from Chicoutimi-born artist Pierre-Yves Girard. These latest oil paintings reveal the artist’s love of and fascination with the material he uses to bring such images to life. In each painting, the abstract and the figurative exist congruently. Vernissage March 28, Galerie D’Este (1329 Greene Ave.), 5 p.m

Painting by Ben Williamson.

The dilapidated and destroyed architecture in Ben Williamson’s paintings are just another reminder that, yep, everybody and everything dies someday. Julie Robinson’s work is a collection of oil paintings, all of which detail the artist’s inner anguish, grief and misery. Vernissage March 28, Galerie Zephyr 2112 (Amherst 2112), 5 p.m.

Whenever a dice is rolled, every time a card is dealt, there is a predictable outcome. What Canadian-born, London-based artist Kate McCain explores in Statecraft: Between Law and Transgression is that (mostly) incontestable set of rules, also dubbed the “magical” system. McCain explores the transgression beyond that limit, though, the space in which that rule can no longer apply. The artist will be delivering a talk following the vernissage, discussing her process in bringing Statecraft to fruition. Vernissage March 29, La Galerie Centrale Powerhouse (4296 St Laurent Blvd.), 7 p.m. Artist talk March 30, 3 p.m.


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