Guy Gerber’s Top 5 dream collaborators

DJ/producer Guy Gerber, affiliate of everyone from John Digweed and Sven Väth to New Order and P Diddy, lists potential creative partners that spark his subconscious, including childhood heroes, irritating comedians and fanciful filmmakers.

Guy Gerber, photo by Will Calcutt

Born in Israel, based in Madrid and blasting through sound systems worldwide, DJ/producer Guy Gerber first came to prominence in the aughts via records released by John Digweed’s Bedrock and Sven Väth’s Cocoon labels. He’s since launched his own imprint, Supplement Facts, remixed the likes of New Order and Azari & III and teamed up with P Diddy in a collaboration that sees him indulging his love of live instrumentation and lyrics.

For further proof that he’s not your average techno dude, read his list of dream collaborators, prepared for Cult MTL on a recent stop in town, when he performed at Stereo.

1. Johnny Marr, Smiths guitarist/co-songwriter. It’s because of him that I started making music; I basically bought my first guitar to learn how to play “Bigmouth Strikes Again.” Doing something with him would be like closing a circle that opened when I was 17.

2. Kevin Shields, the driving force of My Bloody Valentine. He inspired me to make the dreamiest melodies that break your heart but leave a smile on your face. I think that together, we can hypnotize a lot of girls!

3. Carl Craig, my only hero in techno music. I would love to be in the studio with him so I can better understand how he he always manages to sound fresh and futuristic while staying loyal to his roots and using synthesizers exclusively.

4. Larry David, yeah, the comic genius behind Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It would be so much fun to play the most annoying music and still make people love it. Also, if we were to go on tour together, I would finally have a companion who complains more than me.

5. Wes Anderson, indie filmmaker extraordinaire. Because I would love to compose a soundtrack for one of his movies. It would allow me to be even more romantic in my music than I’ve been so far. Hopefully he’s gonna make Rushmore 2. There should also be another movie about Steve Zissou. ■

Stream Guy Gerber’s recently released Steady EP here.

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