What New Ways to Play Bingo Are Changing the Industry?

Various different methods of playing bingo have helped to expand the appeal of the game and attract new players.

It’s easy to believe that bingo is one of these classic games that hasn’t changed even a little bit since it was invented. However, by looking at some of the ways we can currently play online, we can see new ways of playing introduced that are worth knowing about.

Free Games Every Day

The classic way of playing bingo has been to buy one or more tickets and then mark off the numbers as they get called out. While the format is loosely based on an older Italian game called Lo Guioco del Lotto D’Italia, it changed when Edwin Lowe introduced it to the American market at carnivals and fairs, so it was seen from the beginning as a money-making game where the organizers could make some money.

Since moving online, bingo has become an ever-bigger part of the gaming industry, but it has also been made available for free in some cases. The current bingo offers listed here include six hours of free bingo games every day, with cash prizes up for grabs in them. This isn’t the only way of playing with something extra, as boosted games and giveaways are all designed to let people keep playing with extra incentives.  

Jackpot Prizes in Themed Rooms

The idea of winning a jackpot prize has always been at the heart of bingo, with the introduction of linked games in different halls allowing players to aim for massive prizes from the 1980s onwards. This has been taken a step further in online bingo, as the sites that offer these games can set up specific jackpot rooms where players can join if they’re interested in trying to win the bigger prizes on offer.

This is part of the overall process of putting bingo games into themed rooms that have allowed the game to prosper. Each room is set up to appeal to different types of players, with some having low-cost games while others have more expensive tickets or some sort of added feature to make them more appealing.

Bingo Crossed with Slots Makes Slingo

While the previous examples are all based on the classic game of bingo, there is also a new type of game called Slingo that uses bingo as its starting point. In this sort of game, the bingo gameplay is mixed with the sort of mechanism you’ll find in slot games, with a series of numbers brought up on each spin you play. 

The idea is to complete as many winning lines as you can in the allocated number of spins. The prize increases with more winning lines, up to the maximum amount if you manage to complete the full grid of numbers, just like getting a full house in traditional bingo games.

These different methods of playing bingo have helped to expand the appeal of the game and attract new players. As such, it’s a good example of how a game can evolve in new directions online without losing any of its original appeal.