Best Sandwiches in Montreal: Best of MTL bossa

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bossa

“Hoagies, subs, grinders — whatever you call them, Bossa’s are undefeated.”

The following is a capsule review of the Montreal restaurant Bossa. To read the 2024 Montreal restaurant guide, please click here.


Hoagies, subs, grinders — whatever you call them, Bossa’s are undefeated. The menu at this Italian sandwich shop offers hot and cold options and features some quintessential deli classics in both categories. The meatball and chicken parm sandwiches will do any red-sauce aficionado proud, but if you want to get a real taste for what a Bossa sandwich is all about, I recommend the “Diavolo,” a potent combination of aioli, salami, calabrese, capicollo, fontina, provolone, banana peppers, and an exceptional homemade giardiniera. (Various locations)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Bossa

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