Cherry lime cannabis Quebec Origine nature duo sorbet cerise lime

This cherry and lime cannabis duo is a fresh summer treat

The Quebec-grown “Cheers à Lise” combo works equally well for afternoons in the park or Friday nights out with friends.

How the hell are we already halfway through the year?? Thankfully, it means we’re approaching the season we all wait for: park hang season, and with that comes a lot of smoking of the devil’s lettuce with or without frisbees, bags of chips, portable Bluetooth speakers and/or djembes. For June, I’m reviewing a cherry/lime cannabis double whammy of sativa and sativa-leaning dried flowers from Origine Nature, one of the founding members of the Association québécoise de l’Industrie du cannabis (AQIC).

Sold under the name Cheers à Lise and grown in Sainte-Agathe in the Laurentians, this is called the Duo Sorbet Cerise et Lime. It cost me around $55 for three and a half grams of each variety, which is double what I normally pick up to review. But if you suddenly find yourself with a little more cash to spare, this cherry/lime duo is a pretty solid weed-related investment. Sounds like I’m in for a fruitful experience, as they say (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Cheers à Lise duo Sorbet Cerise et Lime 

cherry lime cannabis origine nature cerise lime sorbet Quebec
This cherry and lime cannabis duo is a fresh summer treat

Black Bag: Black Cherry Lime (22.7% THC, sativa-dominant hybrid)

White Bag: ICC Sorbet (25.3% THC, hybrid)

I’m not even going to give a separate rating for these, as each of the two strains are a solid 9 out of 10 for me. The black and white bags come in huge blue packaging that looked and felt almost like a chip bag to me, so you can’t really be discreet about buying it. 

They do, however, mostly smell nice when you open them. I’m not sure if they necessarily smell much like the fruits they’re named after, but that kind of aroma is pungent — in the most pleasant of ways — within the black bag, appropriately titled Black Cherry Lime — its core scents are listed as “zesty, sugar, fruity.” The ICC Sorbet one doesn’t necessarily smell like it, and almost smells earthier to me (“diesel, sugar, fruity”), but it’s not unpleasant. Buds in both bags still have just the right kind of cannabis texture and aren’t too dry yet. 

Unfortunately — and this may just be plain old allergies — my left eye starts itching like hell while smoking this. Aside from that minor annoyance, this is a really good batch. Smoking the Black Cherry Lime is a nice way to spend an afternoon in the park, though it doesn’t really start to hit me until after I’ve finished my joint. 

The Sorbet is a fun ride, too (especially around your head), and feels like as good a strain as you’ll find for Friday nights with pals. But it also made me hungry, so be forewarned if you’re easily tempted by food, whether stoned or not stoned. Fall too far down the rabbit hole and you may find yourself with some serious munchies like I did. If you were in the Plateau recently and overheard insanely loud Ruffles chip-eating coming from a basement apartment, no you didn’t. 9/10

For more cannabis available in Quebec, please visit the SQDC website. This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Cult MTL. 

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