The Best Online Casino Sites In Ontario

There are a number of factors to consider when selection the best casino site.


Ontario gambling is flying at the moment. Although it’s taken the province and country a little bit longer to warm to the idea of adequately regulated and taxable digital casino gaming than it has in other parts of the world, it now has a solid foundation to use as a springboard and continue on its upward trajectory. 

A litany of online casino sites has emerged for customers in Ontario over the last few years—and as we all know, the “best” casino site for one bettor might not be the same for another. It’s all about perspective and opinion, and there are also a number of other factors to consider.

We’ve based our list here on GambleOntario’s breakdown – they are one of the most visited and oldest of the Canadian affiliates, after all, and if we were ranking affiliates here today GambleOntario would be a 10/10.

It’s important to do a bit of digging and find sites that specialize in detailed casino breakdowns, give the pros and cons, and have an array of high or low ratings for companies right across the board. We’ve settled on our top five and blended together a mix of essential criteria – including game selection, mobile app quality, site security, overall consumer reputation, and site aesthetic.

#5 – FireVegas Casino – 8.9/10

If you’re using one or two criteria to judge a casino, you’re already putting yourself in a box. Sure, there will be many bettors who seek out the casinos with the fastest withdrawal methods, and there will be some who aren’t bothered at all by fast withdrawals and would rather have a myriad of different slot gaming titles to decide on. 

Although it only launched in 2022, FireVegas Casino has quickly made a name for itself despite being immersed in a cauldron with several other competent competitors. We’ve taken a deep dive into this provider a couple of times since their initial launch in February a couple of years ago, and one of the reasons they rank so highly is their commitment to improving their site and gaming library and implementing feedback they receive. 

Throughout this period, they’ve offered several advertising strategies to boost their revenue and expanded their customer service desk to operate 24/7. They boast a number of partnerships with some of the leading names in casino game design—most notably Pragmatic Play—featuring over 100 of their titles. It’s all pinned together by a site that doesn’t try to overdo the colour scheme and over-the-top, expensive graphics. 

Sure, there’s a time and a place for a site to catch the eye – but simplicity is often crucial. For us, a well-structured, easy-to-navigate selection of slot categories, ranging from providers, Megaways, and live tables, helps to lay the foundation and propel FireVegas into the conversation as one of the best online casino sites currently operating in Ontario. While we like the site’s simplicity, the game selection slightly lets it down compared to some of the other top names – which is why it’s at number five on our list.

#4 – BetVictor Casino – 9.1/10

BetVictor benefits from a highly successful sportsbook, enabling them to grow into the casino side of things much more straightforwardly and quickly than those starting from scratch. It’s a winning formula that several UK-based gambling providers have been able to follow over the last 20 years. While BetVictor isn’t the only casino that fits into this category, having the added financial capital and presence in the broader gambling industry inevitably makes it easier to grow into casino gaming, as well as into other countries. 

By identifying Ontario as a province to expand into – BetVictor revamped its site to expand into the Ontario market. Their sportsbook included a more diverse and varied range of NHL betting markets – which is, of course, the number one sport in Canada. By appealing to bettors in Ontario who enjoy ice hockey, BetVictor could advertise their casino at no additional cost – a win-win. 

As one of the oldest gambling companies in the world, launching over 75 years ago, BetVictor’s site is one of the best in Ontario. Although their payment options are slightly less impressive than some of the other names we’ve touched on today – their mobile app, 24/7 customer service, and revered reputation amongst gamblers make them a sure pick. 

BetVictor is unique in many of its casino offerings – with the Football Card Showdown Live, Double Ball Roulette, and The Money Drop all fantastic, quirky niche games that aren’t part of the usual library you’d find – so it’s a solid 9.4 from us. It’s evident from the quality and range of casino games they offer that their overall business model is solid and has potential longevity for  gamblers looking to see what’s on offer in Ontario.

#3 – Casino Days – 9.2/10

Casino Days launched quietly in 2020 and are the first venture of the wider gaming umbrella of White Star B.V. If you’re a fan of American roulette and blackjack, CasinoDays might be one of the best providers you can find online in Ontario. Not only do they have an extensive selection of live and virtual tables, but even at the busiest periods, there are no latency issues with payouts or gaming speeds—which even some of the world’s most popular casinos cannot boast about. 

The only negative we noticed is the lack of poker tables. Still, as this is something that has been highlighted by a number of other users on social media, we imagine Casino Days is in the process of rectifying this as we speak. They have implemented feedback in the past, which is another reason we rate them so highly.

Once they overcome this hurdle, their overall package will be comparable to any of the top dozen casinos currently operating in Ontario – it has all of the necessary foundations to be a success, and as long as it can carve off some of this monumental industry for itself – it should have no problem becoming fully established alongside the big names. 

#2 – SpinAway Casino – 9.3/10

The clue is in the title—SpinAway Casino focuses on table games like roulette and boasts an extensive slot gaming library. We spoke to their customer service directly on live chat and via e-mail. Both times, they responded efficiently and courteously. Although their mobile app is also smooth to use, you can access the website via a smartphone and browser, and you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

SpinAway Casino is the one of the top platforms we have reviewed – and it is among a growing number of quality operators emerging on the digital casino scene in Ontario.

This commitment to alternate payment methods and routes has certainly helped SpinAway stand out. Still, it doesn’t matter how many payment methods a provider has if they cannot deliver a casino gaming platform that can perform the basics and offer a service that people want to use. 

Like a number of the other providers we’ve touched on today, they’ve secured key ties with Pragmatic Play and a selection of other world-renowned game design companies. Our pick of the slot titles during our review were Solar Wilds and Spin-vention. The Ontario-licensed company focuses on existing customers just as much as new ones, so you won’t feel left out once you’ve signed up. 

#1 – LuckyDays Casino – 9.4/10

Separating LuckyDays and SpinAway is an enviable task. Although all of the casinos we’ve discussed today offer elite-level quality, LuckyDays is our number-one pick. Often the whole purpose of a review is to pick holes in a service. 

That’s not to say we’re looking at it from a glass-half-full perspective, but the whole point of a good review and fair rating is to be as objective and impartial as possible. LuckyDays ticks all of the boxes. They have more payment options than the vast majority of other casinos we’ve reviewed, have developed over a dozen key ties with all of the premier names in casino game development, and boast over 4,500 games you can play – ranging from film and TV themes to niche fusions of popular slot variations.

What is most impressive about their site is the ease at which you can access these games and the wealth of games, particularly slot games, that are available. After first launching in Sweden five years ago, LuckyDays set their sights on more significant European markets – and they’ve hit the ground running in the Ontario online casino gaming market, too. 

The site aesthetic and design are just the cherry on the cake as far as we’re concerned, and given they do everything else so well, it’s just an added bonus. They could’ve kept it very basic, but by focusing on the right elements of a top casino, such as game selection and customer service, they’re our current pick for the top online casino site in Ontario.


Of all the online casinos we’ve explored today – we’ve highlighted the key bits from each to see which one most appeals to you:

  • FireVegas – over 100 Pragmatic Play games, our personal favorite for navigation and usability.
  • BetVictor – the most established name – solid niche games like Double Ball which are difficult to find on other prominent online casinos. 
  • Casino Days – best for virtual tables.
  • SpinAway- the number one option for roulette. 
  • LuckyDays – over 4,500 games – the best choice if you’re looking for gaming selection. 

All of the casinos on this list are worthy of your time – and in fact, a lot of the criteria will come down to personal preference. One thing is for sure – you’re not going to be spoilt for choice.