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Studying in Montreal: Personal Experience, College, Life and Tips

Every day brings new opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

After graduating from my high school in Portland, I decided to leave the USA for Canada to continue my education in the beautiful city of Montreal. In this article, I’ll share my experience, my reasons of choice and tips that help you study and enjoy life at Concordia University or any university in Montreal.

Why did I choose the city of Montreal?

When I came to Montreal to study Communication Studies at Concordia University, I felt that I had taken an important step in my life. When choosing a city and a university for my studies, I considered many options. In the end, I chose Montreal. This city attracted me because of its cultural diversity, friendly residents, and dynamic atmosphere.

Montreal is not only one of the most multicultural cities in the world but is also known for its high-quality education. Concordia University has an excellent reputation and is known for its highly qualified education in the field of communication studies. 

After moving to Montreal, I felt I was in a real international capital where everyone could find something interesting for themselves. The city is full of cultural events, festivals, art and entertainment, which gives you the opportunity to expand your worldview and meet interesting people from all over the world.

I still plan to visit Notre-Dame Basilica, the Botanical Garden, and Old Port next year. Though, I think that my friend will add several bars and amusement parks to this list.

When choosing Montreal to study, I chose not only an exquisite city with chic architecture and entertainment but also the opportunity to get knowledge in the field of communication studies at a prestigious university. This choice helps me develop as a professional and improve my worldview.

How it feels to study at Concordia University in Montreal

Having started my educational process at the university in Montreal, I was full of enthusiasm for new knowledge. From the very first days of my student life, I’ve been impressed by the atmosphere of creativity and friendliness in the Department of Communication Studies and the university overall. In classes, we regularly discuss current topics in the field of communication, and the teachers teach us to think critically and develop valuable skills.

One of the key moments in my studies is the opportunity to participate in research projects and internships in well-known media companies. It allows me gain practical experience in the field of communication and develop my professional skills. In addition, communication with teachers and other students at the university has contributed to my personal growth.

In the process of studying, I also pay important attention to independent work and studying additional literature. While regularly completing homework and preparing for tests, lectures, exams and presentations, I strive for high results as any hard-working student. 

Now, after completing the first year at my university in Montreal, I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive a quality education, for the support and motivation from my professors and peers, and for the opportunity to develop as a professional in the field of communication studies. This educational experience has become an important achievement in my life and helps me build a foundation for a successful career in the future.

Things that help me study and stay sane

Being far from home, I needed things that would keep me in check, happy, stress-free, and motivated at all times. I believe these things can help you too:

• Good laptop. When I work on my tasks, I mostly do them on my laptop. At times, I have at least 100 tabs opened and several apps running. I believe such a situation is universal to all students. So, find yourself a laptop that can manage multitasking and countless open tabs.

• Schedule. Sometimes, I can be forgetful, so a reminder in the form of a schedule for a whole week works great for me. Though, don’t try to go overboard with that. Planning every minute can be stressful.

• Professional essay writing help. Thought ‘Oh no, I forgot to complete my essays’ appears quite frequently in my head, unfortunately. It’s not like I don’t like this type of task. No. It’s just I can be overloaded with other tasks and ignore essays. That’s why I get in touch with experts who can write my paper for me. Simple and efficient.

• Kindle. I have to read and carry around countless materials on a daily basis. So obviously, I don’t have a lot of space in my backpack for all of that. Kindle can contain all the books you need on just one device. 

• Second-hand books. New books can be quite expensive. So I seek used books from other students and buy them much cheaper. Your college may even have some communities that do book exchange.

• Gym membership. When my brain is tired, I go to the gym. It helps me relax and clear my mind. Even if you think that your body isn’t ready for it, start small. Go on simple walks on a treadmill. You will build your strength in a time. Just don’t hurry and enjoy your time. 

• Pomodoro timer. Sometimes, I can be scrolling on my phone or searching for a task without thinking about anything else. As a result, I don’t have time for other assignments. To avoid such situations, I use a Pomodoro timer on my laptop. 

The main factors of study success

Let’s look at the main factors that help me successfully study at the University of Montreal:

• Involvement in research projects: Active participation in research projects allowed me to gain valuable practical experience, develop analytical and research skills, and put theoretical knowledge into practice.

• Faculty and Peer Support: Interaction with competent faculty who are willing to help and advise, as well as collaboration with fellow students, created a good learning environment for studies. Collaboration with custom essay writing services also helped me improve my grades on my assignments. The main thing is that I can get help online and at any time, which is very convenient.

• Effective time management: Being able to effectively manage time and prioritize tasks has helped me to be the boss of my time and even have periods when I can unwind.

• ‘Me’ time. Constant studying can be overwhelming and tiring. So I tried to find at least one day in a week where I could do absolutely nothing. I didn’t go anywhere or didn’t do anything. I just laid in my bed and slept or went outside in one of the city parks, which Montreal has a lot, and enjoyed the fresh air and sun. 


Analyzing my time in Montreal and at the university, I realize that it’s an incredibly busy period in my life, full of various challenges and experiences. In Montreal, I’m exposed to a new culture, new people, and new opportunities that open up new horizons for me.

Every day brings new opportunities for growth and self-improvement. This city and university have become not just a place to study but also a real catalyst for my personal development.

I’m grateful for all the lessons I learned here and I’m confident that they’ll help me later in my life and career!