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Chicago Bulls legend Bill Wennington to cover tonight’s Montreal Alliance game

The Montreal-born three-time NBA Champion will be doing commentary for the TSN broadcast of the Alliance’s home game at Verdun Auditorium.

Montreal-born basketball legend Bill Wennington is back in town and showing love to his local team. The Montreal Alliance took to Instagram to share that the three-time NBA Champion would be in attendance at today’s home game at Verdun Auditorium versus the Ottawa Blackjacks, doing commentary for the TSN broadcast.

“Come on out, lot of fun and some great basketball!” declares the three-time champion in a promotion video set to the Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirus,” best known as the Chicago Bulls’ theme song during Wennington’s playing days.

Chicago Bulls legend Bill Wennington to cover tonight’s Montreal Alliance game

Wennington played 13 seasons in the NBA, recording 3,301 points and 2,148 rebounds during his illustrious career. Most notably, Wennington served as backup centre for the Chicago Bulls from 1993 to 1999, playing alongside Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and company during the team’s second three-peat.

Since retiring, Wennington has served as a colour commentator for the Chicago Bulls on WSCR 670 AM and the Bulls Radio Network. This summer, he joins TSN as an analyst for the 2024 Canadian Elite Basketball League season. It is expected that Wennington will return for more Alliance games, including when Montreal hosts the league’s Championship Weekend from Aug. 9 to 11.

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