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The Parti Québécois needed a wake-up call and they just got one

Observations from Montreal

“The Parti Québécois needed a wake up call and they just got one”

A new Pallas study has found that just 30% of Quebecers agree with Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon’s conspiratorial claims that Quebec’s “real adversary” is the federal government, which “openly and explicitly plans the decline of Quebec.” This is a much needed wake-up call for the PQ, whose rise in the polls has enabled PSPP to fear-monger based on anti-Canadian sentiment he knows barely exists in this province.

Quebecers are in fact among those most proud to be Canadian, with a large majority of Quebecers agreeing that Canada is a country they’re proud to live in. Furthermore, sovereignty is still only supported by 1 in 3 Quebecers. It’s time for the Parti Québécois to grow up and not fall victim to the same division tactics that have plagued the Legault government.

Or perhaps Paul St-Pierre Plamondon would feel more comfortable fear-mongering in Alberta or Saskatchewan, where anti-Canadian sentiment is rampant?

The Parti Québécois needed a wake-up call and they just got one

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