Beba Montreal Restaurant review Guide

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Beba

Beba is responsible for some of the most thoughtful and precise cooking taking place on or off the island.

The following is a capsule review of the Montreal restaurant Beba. To read the 2024 Montreal restaurant guide, please click here.


Owned by brothers Ari and Pablo Schor, Beba is a restaurant that changed the dining landscape in Montreal and has firmly entrenched itself in the ranks of the city’s best restaurants. Constantly in evolution, Ari’s vision is technique- and ingredient-driven, meaning he never hesitates to break with conventions or expectations to deliver a truly exceptional plate of food. Free from unnecessary embellishment and chef-centric ego, the menu oscillates from exceptional fish from Japan to premium caviar, perfectly prepared offal to boiled meats. Argentinian on paper, the restaurant’s roots are accented with Jewish, Spanish and Italian influences resulting in food that is singular, entirely unpretentious (though often luxurious) and absolutely delicious. (3900 Éthel)

Montreal Restaurant Guide: Beba

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