Engaging Activities for Kids in Montreal

It’s time to kick-start your family adventure.

Montreal is an exciting city overflowing with fun for kids. With its beautiful parks, cool museums, and amazing history, the city is a non-stop adventure, with no end to the enriching experiences waiting to be discovered.

Whether your crew are nature enthusiasts, history buffs, or science superstars, Montreal offers diverse attractions to ignite their curiosity and fuel their sense of wonder. Visiting the park will also give you some time to catch up on your favorite games on your mobile as the kids play. Remember to protect your details if you have to use public Wi-Fi. Let’s explore some of the best places to take your little adventurers in the city.

Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is a massive green space covering over 200 hectares. It’s like a backyard playground for the whole family, regardless of season. If you want a relaxing walk, you can weave through the winding trails.

The park is also a haven for feathered friends, with over 180 species fluttering about. Grab your binoculars and head towards Beaver Lake – it’s a prime spot to see chickadees, woodpeckers, and maybe even a sneaky owl if you’re lucky.

And when you’re feeling adventurous, zoom down snowy slopes in winter or hike to breathtaking viewpoints year-round. Mount Royal Park has something for everyone, making it a must-visit for families in Montreal.

Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History

Tucked in the city’s heart, this museum isn’t just about dusty artifacts – it’s a time machine. Take some time to explore Montreal’s rich history through archaeological treasures and cultural relics that whisper secrets of the past.

The Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History is all about hands-on experiences. Interactive displays and multimedia shows bring history to life, allowing visitors of all ages to delve deep into Montreal’s fascinating story.


Your troop can look forward to various exhibitions that take place in the park, including:


Young adventurers will delight in a swashbuckling adventure at the Montreal Museum. This exciting exhibition brings the world of pirates to life with captivating displays of artifacts, interactive games, and thrilling multimedia shows. Learn about the lives of these seafarers, their daring exploits, and the treasures they hunted across the high seas.


The Montreal Museum whisks you away to the era of these fearless Norse warriors! Your family gets the chance to explore a collection of unique artifacts, see reconstructed Viking settlements, and experience their rich cultural heritage and the legacy they left behind.

Archaeological Dig

At the Montreal Museum, your little one can transform into a real-life Indiana Jones. They’ll brush away dirt, uncover hidden artifacts, and analyze finds just like a pro. Plus, they’ll learn all about the tools and tricks archaeologists use to unlock the secrets of the past. It’s an educational adventure you will remember.

Montreal Science Centre

The Montreal Science Centre is an interactive playground of discovery for curious minds of all ages. With sleek, modern architecture and exhibits that come alive at your touch, the Science Centre sparks a love for science. Prepare to be amazed by experiments and engaging displays that make learning a blast.

Dive into the fundamentals of mechanics and engineering as children engage with interactive displays featuring simple machines. From levers and pulleys to inclined planes and gears, kids can experiment with these fundamental tools and gain insight into how they make everyday tasks easier.

MTL Zipline

The MTL Zipline offers an exhilarating adventure that allows participants to soar through the skies and experience Montreal from a new perspective. With breathtaking views of the cityscape below, this experience promises an unforgettable journey filled with adrenaline and excitement.

Once harnessed in and ready to go, participants start a thrilling ride that takes them on a high-flying journey above the city streets. With the wind rushing past and the city sprawling beneath them, riders take in panoramic views of Montreal’s iconic landmarks and neighborhoods.

Prior to the ride, participants receive thorough instructions and safety briefings to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Trained staff members oversee the operation and implementation of safety measures, including the proper fitting of harnesses and helmets. With stringent safety protocols in place, your young riders can feel confident about their zipline adventure.

Tips on Moving Around with Kids in Montreal

Montreal is an excellent place for families to visit, but planning ahead can make your trip smoother. Here’s your cheat sheet for navigating the city with your little adventurers:

Public Transport: Montreal’s metro and buses are lifesavers. Consider a day pass for unlimited rides (bonus: some younger kids travel for free!).

Strollers: ‍Many parks and attractions welcome strollers, but always double-check beforehand. Opt for lightweight, foldable strollers for easy maneuvering.

Walking & Biking: ‍Montreal’s pedestrian-friendly streets are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. Rent bikes or use a bike-sharing program for an eco-friendly adventure.

Rest Stops: Kids get tired! Plan regular breaks at parks, playgrounds, or cafes where they can recharge and run around.

Packing Supplies: Pack up snacks, water, sunscreen, and anything else your crew needs for a day out.

Be Flexible: Things might not always go according to plan. Embrace spontaneity and be flexible with your itinerary. Remember, it’s about enjoying the journey together.

Now that you’ve mapped out your desired activities for your little ones in Montreal, it’s time to kick-start your family adventure. Prepare for a journey brimming with laughter, discovery, and boundless opportunities. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by – pack your bags and go for a family-friendly exploration of Montreal today.