Paul Cargnello Andrius Mamontovas Giving Tree music video premiere

PREMIERE: Watch Paul Cargnello and Andrius Mamontovas in “Giving Tree”

The music video for the second collaboration between the Montreal singer-songwriter and Lithuanian rock star was shot in New York City.

Montreal singer-songwriter Paul Cargnello and Lithuanian rock star Andrius Mamontovas are launching their new single and music video today. “Giving Tree” is the second collaboration for the two musicians, who previously released an anti-war song called “People Out There” (under the moniker of Skinny Bros, a duo featuring Cargnello and his brother Christopher) in 2015. “Giving Tree” was also written in the spirit of protest, presenting a more internalized call for world peace.

When asked about why this second collaboration came about eight years later, Mamontovas cited a connection as artists that’s hard to fully understand and explain.

“Something clicks, even though we’re from the different parts of the world. I love the sound of Paul’s recordings and his songwriting and performance. It feels natural to sing on his tracks. Artists usually make an intuitive decisions. I don’t have any particular answer to this question. It just feels right.”

Mamontovas directed the video for “Giving Tree,” which was shot in New York City, partly amid the bustle of Times Square.

“Filming on the streets of New York is easy, because whatever you do, you’re kinda invisible. No one really pays attention to guys dressed in black walking with an iPhone. There was only one person in Times Square, who asked us, ‘Are you influencers?'”

Watch the video for “Giving Tree” below.

PREMIERE: Watch Paul Cargnello and Andrius Mamontovas in “Giving Tree”

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